Our friends at The Container Store

Posted on August 06, 2013

I remember the day I walked into my first Container Store. I had heard about this amazing place – a mecca for organizational products.   Curiosity, coupled with a love for organizing led me to make the hour-long journey early one Saturday morning. As I walked thru the doors I was in absolute awe. This was what I imagined heaven to be – big, organized and run by friendly and helpful people! I pushed my cart up and down each aisle, making mental notes of what I wanted versus what I absolutely couldn’t live without. I couldn’t wait to go home and start the half a dozen projects I was suddenly inspired to take on.

In the ten years since that first visit, I’ve gone from being an organizational enthusiast to working as a professional organizer. There are more Container Stores now in Southern California – including one less than five miles from my house. And, I’m no longer just a Container Store customer – I’m also a vendor!

Three years ago, two girlfriends and I invented a line of products called Innies – quilted fabric inserts that maintain the shape of your boots and handbags. We made a “wish list” of stores we hoped would one day carry our product. Of course, The Container Store was at the top of my list! How lucky were we that the powers-that-be there loved our products so much they are now available in all their locations. I guess dreams really can come true – especially at The Container Store!

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