About Us

nce upon a time there were two friends living in Los Angeles, Mary Astadourian and Jennifer Dynof, who were bound by a love for accessories. A sought-after professional organizer to Hollywood’s elite, and a young hip Ebay enthusiast believed that their costly adornments needed a lot more TLC. It is time, they mused, to HONOR THY CLOSET.

The enthusiastic duo sought to preserve their cherished handbags and banish their closets from droopy boots that couldn’t stand straight and be stored properly. The problem, they quickly discovered, was there was not an attractive and effective product that could organize and protect their treasured items. After much contemplation, the fashion-forward friends conceived of Innies™. Made of quilted polyester silk-charmuese, these inserts easily molded to shape accessories of various styles and sizes.

From slouchy hobos to streamlined clutches, handbags no longer needed to be stuffed with everything from tissue paper to socks. They now had the support they needed to retain their beauty. Boot trees made of plastic, which made unwelcome marks on leather and suede, were finally cast out. With Innies™, boots were able to stand tall and look beautiful.

Now that Innies™ has triumphantly safeguarded their prized handbags and boots, the BFF's are sharing their closet innovations with the whole world so that finally, boots and handbags everywhere can live happily ever after.

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